The Magazine for Alumni and Friends of the UB School of Management

Arjang A. Assad

Dean's Advisory Council

A Message from the Dean

Dear Alumni and Friends of the UB School of Management,

It's a pleasure to write to you at a time of great momentum for the school and the university.

Our new provost, Charles Zukoski, is coordinating Realizing UB 2020, which articulates UB's mission and vision, provides planning context, focuses on institutional goals and values, and outlines the strategies that will form the basis for the university's direction over the next several years.

Within the School of Management, we are thrilled to be contributing cutting-edge research and teaching expertise to the ever-expanding field of leadership (see Leadership 2.0). We've added depth and breadth to our faculty pool with five new professors, and our master's in finance has been enhanced with a new quantitative track that will help graduates land jobs as "Wall Street rock stars."

The school's entrepreneurship initiatives are ever-expanding. Associate Professor Yong Li is now the director of UB's new Entrepreneurship Academy, where undergraduates can share meaningful experiences throughout their college years. And, not surprisingly, our entrepreneurial alumni are taking the world by storm. You can read our feature story on how Eric Reich and Michael Weisman saw their hard work rewarded with a big payoff in August.

Throughout this issue, you'll see evidence of the global impact of our graduates. Matt and Liz Astridge provided summer education and entrepreneurship workshops in Kenya. Reginald Sanders used his marketing skills during National Guard deployments in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait and Mali, and Tom Dee is transforming our waterfront right here in Buffalo.

Current students are making a mark in the international arena as well, by helping area businesses increase their level of exports across the border through the Exports to Canada program.

In our Alumni Impact feature, you can read about how Ezra Staley came up with the seed of an idea that blossomed into hundreds of meaningful connections between alumni and students.

What's most important, though, is that we couldn't do it without you. Take a look at the Honor Roll of Donors to see how so many alumni make significant financial contributions to the school.

Thank you for all you do to support the school, and stay tuned for more good news. The best is yet to come!


Arjang A. Assad