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Arjang A. Assad

Dean's Advisory Council

A Message from the Dean

Dear alumni and friends,

As I write this, we have just learned of the School of Management's historic return to Bloomberg Businessweek's top 40 in its ranking of B-schools MBA programs. The school catapulted 18 places to No. 39, the highest ranking since Businessweek's first ranking in 1988. What's most exciting about this leap is that it validates the hard work of our faculty and the satisfaction of our students. Of particular note is our No. 19 ranking, nationwide, in employer satisfaction. This extraordinary ranking means the business world has given the School of Management a ringing endorsement. Today, our graduates are seen as extremely bright, eager to succeed and good investments-an irresistible combination for corporate recruiters seeking top business talent.

In other good news for the school, our undergraduate program was again ranked by U.S. News and World Report, climbing another seven places from last year, student enrollment has exceeded all targets, and our plan to strategically grow the faculty by 30 percent over three years is now in year two, and the addition of nine new faculty has added both depth and breadth to our already impressive lineup.

Our cover story on credit card fraud highlights the expertise of our faculty and alumni, and offers a few pointers to help you keep your financial information safe. You'll also find plenty of success stories in this issue-from students, like those in our study abroad story, to alumni like Laura Shen, EMBA '04, and Mark Shacket '94, MBA '95, to our faculty, several of whom have garnered grants for innovative research in such areas as cloud computing and cyber-empathic design.

Our strategic initiatives in leadership, entrepreneurship and health care management continue to expand as well. You'll see how as you read about our new leadership speaker series, the school's new Health Care Management certificate program and the funding we received from Wilmington Trust, a subsidiary of M&T Bank, to support our family business programming.

As you read through this issue of Buffalo Business, know that our successes are your successes, and vice versa. You can now say that you are a graduate of a top-40 B-school, and the value of your degree continues to grow.

Thank you for all you do to support the school.


Arjang A. Assad