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Arjang A. Assad

Dean's Advisory Council

A Message from the Dean

It's been an incredibly busy time here at the School of Management. Despite some challenging budget cuts, we continue to forge ahead on several fronts.

In everything we do as a school, you will see evidence of these themes of excellence.

Real-World Learning

Look no farther than our Close-Ups to see how the real-world focus of our learning environment empowers our graduates and helps them as they grow their businesses. Additionally, the guest speakers we've hosted (see Start-Ups) are a prime example of how we engage business professionals and their companies to provide a wealth of experiences, within the classroom and beyond, to help our students develop the competencies that employers consider vital for leadership and success. And in our cover story, you'll get a wealth of real-world business advice about managing in a difficult economy from successful graduates and faculty.

Community and Economic Impact

The strength of our programs, our commitment to community service and our synergistic partnerships with other organizations enable us to make a significant impact on a wide range of stakeholders, from local neighborhoods to the world stage. You'll see evidence of this in the graduation of our Allstate minority and women emerging entrepreneurs (see Start-Ups), the success of Lenny Johnson (also in Start-Ups), and the launch of our new High-Tech CEL program. Take note, as well, of the research breakthroughs of our faculty (see Insights) and consider the impact of that research on the world of business.

International/Global Perspective

School of Management graduates enjoy a competitive edge in the world marketplace thanks to the cultural diversity and international perspective of our student body, the strength of our overseas programs and the global mindset of our faculty. In Insights, you can see how many of our faculty shared their global perspectives in talks to international audiences.

It's a very exciting time for the School of Management and I look forward to sharing more good news with you in the future. As always, I welcome your thoughts and ideas.


Arjang A. Assad