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Several influential media featured the accomplishments of the School of Management and the expertise of its faculty over the past year. Below is a summary of some of the school’s citations in prominent national and regional media. These media “hits” enhance the school’s national reputation and help to brand it as one of the nation’s top business schools.

USA Today

Martha Salzman, assistant professor of accounting and law, was quoted in a USA Today story on whether Kodak filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy meant the company was going out of business. Just the opposite, Salzman said. "The point of a Chapter 11 is to restructure and continue the company," she said. "Meaning they want the company to go on, with some changes."


Lewis Mandell, professor emeritus of finance and managerial economics and current professor in the School of Management's Singapore EMBA program, was quoted twice this spring on Time magazine's website. First, he was asked about giving allowances to children. "After reviewing the literature, I have found that, when given incorrectly, allowance is a terrible idea, across all cultures and time periods," Mandell said. "Studies have shown that instead of encouraging good financial habits, giving an allowance is statistically associated with diminished financial literacy, lower levels of motivation and an aversion to work." In a follow-up article, the website mentioned Mandell's aversion to allowances and added that he and other financial education experts would prefer that scarce government resources be spent on programs aimed at adults and in support of regulations for clearer wording in financial documents such as mortgage papers and credit card statements.

U.S. News & World Report

The School of Management was again ranked a 'best business school' by U.S. News & World Report in its annual ranking of MBA programs. The school was ranked No. 89 out of 441 MBA programs surveyed in "America's Best Graduate Schools." In addition, U.S. News ranked the school's Professional MBA program No. 98 in a specialty ranking of part-time MBA programs.

Bloomberg Businessweek

Bloomberg Businessweek named the School of Management as one of the nation's "Best Undergraduate Business Programs of 2012." In a specialty ranking, the school was ranked No. 11 for recruiting.

Forbes, The Atlantic, Men's Health

Research on humble leadership by Bradley Owens, assistant professor of organization and human resources, received wide media coverage. "Leaders of all ranks view admitting mistakes, spotlighting follower strengths and modeling teachability as being at the core of humble leadership," Owens said. "And they view these three behaviors as being powerful predictors of their own, as well as the organization's, growth." Owens' findings appeared in Forbes, The Atlantic and twice in Men's Health magazine. In addition, it was featured on dozens of websites that feature psychology, business and human interest stories.

Buffalo News

Nallan Suresh, UB Distinguished Professor and chair of the Operations Management and Strategy Department, was quoted in The Buffalo News in an article on Kodak's bankruptcy filing and its similarity to the loss of Buffalo manufacturing jobs. "The struggles are very similar [to some Buffalo manufacturers], but I don't think Kodak will disappear," Suresh said. While it will be painful for Kodak employees for the next few years, Suresh believes the company will survive.

Arun Jain, Samuel P. Capen Professor of Marketing Research, was quoted in an article on how rising gas prices are keeping consumers from spending more on convenience store items, affecting the bottom line for many gas station owners. "Gasoline is a necessity. Consumers are caught in an impossible situation," Jain said. "They need mobility and most likely have inefficient vehicles." Consumers are coping by cutting back on other items, he said.

Prasad Balkundi, associate professor of organization and human resources, was quoted in a News story on motivating sales employees in a tough economy. "If you have a motivated sales force, they will perform better," he said. "The way they interact with people is important. You want their demeanor to be energetic and happy."