The Magazine for Alumni and Friends of the UB School of Management

Tom Cogan

A Message from the School of Management Alumni Association President

Make a difference...

As alumni and friends of UB, we have an opportunity to make a difference at UB and the School of Management. This is an important time for UB as it moves forward with aggressive plans to move the university to the next level. The reality is that these plans are being brought forward in difficult economic times; the challenges are particularly intense for New York State and SUNY.

While the environment may be difficult, the vision is achievable with the considerable talent and energy that exists in the university community; we as alumni and friends are critical participants in the community.

You can make a difference in a number of ways, and I would like to share two simple ideas that will allow you to do so in a matter of minutes:

Join the UB School of Management Alumni Association (or renew your membership). One membership fee entitles you to membership in both the School of Management Alumni Association and the UB Alumni Association and you'll receive significant benefits, including merchandise and service discounts, as well as access to university resources. Perhaps more important than these benefits, however, is the fact that your dues are used, in part, to facilitate important programs at the school that directly benefit the students and will help the university achieve its vision. Joining the alumni association is a simple and effective way to give back and make a difference. You can join the alumni association at

Become an advocate for UB in the community and in government. The UB vision for the future will deliver benefits that transcend the university, extending into the Western New York economy and beyond. UB Believers is an online forum that enables education and action in support of advancing UB's agenda.

UB is our university, and I strongly encourage you, as fellow alumni and friends, to support its very bright future.

Thank you.

Tom Cogan, MBA '99
School of Management Alumni Association President