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Sujata Yalamanchili

A Message from the School of Management Alumni Association President

It is with great pleasure that I, on behalf of the School of Management Alumni Association, welcome Dr. Arjang Assad as the new dean of the school. Dr. Assad brings a wealth of professional and academic accomplishments to his new position. I believe he will build upon the school's recent successes in academic excellence, innovative and progressive curriculum development, strong career placement performance and continued, steady improvements in the school's position in the national business school rankings.

Dr. Assad will soon discover that in addition to a strong faculty, a supportive university administration and many other wonderful attributes and assets, the School of Management has, for many years, enjoyed tremendous support from its alumni association. That support has been demonstrated by the alumni association donating money towards construction of the Alfiero Center, funding scholarships and providing discretionary funds to the dean annually. The alumni association also supports the school by mentoring students, assisting with classroom instruction, supporting and participating in Network Buffalo and Network New York, hosting Among Friends dinners for students, and engaging in many other programs and initiatives for the school. We believe the alumni association is one of many vital partners whose support contributes to the school's success.

As we welcome Dr. Assad to the School of Management, we would like to demonstrate to him our alumni association's continued support for the school. In order to do that, we need support from you, the alumni of the School of Management. So, if you haven't been involved with the school in recent years, now is a great time to visit the campus, to attend an alumni association event, or to find other ways to reconnect to the school. If you aren't sure how to get involved, why not start by joining the alumni association? You can then take part in and help shape the many activities, events and initiatives the alumni association provides to the school.

We wish Dr. Assad many successful years at the school and we look forward to continuing to forge a strong alumni association relationship with the School of Management.


Sujata Yalamanchili

School of Management Alumni Association President