MGS351 Team Project

Teams will consist of at most 5 members who will work together to create a small, but fully functional database system using Microsoft Access. Basically, you and your group will take on the role of a team of external consultants for this project. Your team needs to find a situation, problem or opportunity in a real world business or organization, to use as a basis for the project. At least one of your group members should have first hand experience with the business/organization. Being a current or former employee would qualify as "first hand experience". Being a customer of a company does NOT qualify as "first hand experience". The team member with the first hand experience should be a business expert and understand the business rules of the company. You are not allowed to base your project on a fictitious company or fictitious situation. In general, the project requires you to design and build tables, queries, reports and macros appropriate for users who are not familiar with Access. The end result will be a well designed, user friendly database system that creates business value for the organization you selected. If you cannot identify the business value in your project, you will need to choose a different project idea.

Selecting a good project idea is critical to your success in this assignment. The best ideas come from places and things you're familiar with such as work, volunteering, hobbies, religious organizations, clubs and school. You should pick something you're familiar with because you're already a "business expert" in that area. If you're a "business expert" you will already have a good understanding of the business rules which will make the design a lot easier. Choosing something that you or a team member is familiar with will make all the difference when it comes to designing and building the system.

You are not permitted to build a Sales Order or Order Entry system, or any database similar to those in the textbook. I would not recommend choosing an Inventory or Scheduling system since they tend to be quite complex. Please set up a meeting with me if you need some suggestions for your database project.

Project Proposal & Preliminary Design (5 points)

- all of the following must be included or it will not be accepted for grading and you will be penalized for a late submission.

Your Project Proposal submission should contain these four parts, stapled together in the following order.
  1. Initial Project Design Cover Page Report from the Team Information Database.
  2. Members Report from the Team Information Database.
  3. 2-3 page narrative describing the database system your group proposes to design and implement.
  4. Entity Relationship Diagram of the proposed system.

Detailed Requirements

Project Implementation, Presentation & Demonstration (45 points)
Due in your scheduled lab the last week of classes

  1. User friendly Microsoft Access database system
  2. A brief writeup in paragraph format outlining future enhancements, implemented features above and beyond the base requirements and any parameters that should be used for running reports. You must also include a printout of each report from your database system. Along with each report, you need to include a paragraph or two that describes how each report will be used in the business and what business value is derived from the report. Your original graded ERD and a printout of the Access database relationships must also be included in your writeup. The Final Project Cover Page Report from the Team Information Database should also be included per the details below.
  3. Project website which includes a link to download your project database
  4. 6-8 minute group presentation and demonstration of your database in recitation
  5. Peer Evaluation submitted by each group member
Detailed Database Requirements Final Writeup Requirements Detailed Project Website Requirements Detailed Team Presentation Requirements